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try to decrypt - Text 1 (hard)

(Text ID: 13     Score: 3)

This is maybe too hard for you?
Keep in mind: All texts are shurely decrypt able, but it is very difficult. Try it and enter the list of honor!

118 Users have decryted this text succesfully

To give you a real chance you can here encrypt any text you want.
This is your chance to find out how the algorythm works.

allowed characters: 0-9 a-z A-Z - _ . , ; : ? ! [space]

Do you think you have the solution? Than type the text in the textbox above.
If your input text matchs the solution you will be informed about this.

Have fun :)

last solved by
Basdf12.01.2020 00:05
LL26.12.2019 02:46
maron30.10.2019 21:21
Varga ┼ŻoltVarga ┼Żolt17.10.2019 21:51
livinskull16.10.2019 21:37
fxuxck16.09.2019 07:00
l3yam13415.09.2019 06:08
skyganli12.09.2019 15:12
surewen22.08.2019 13:31
danmur30.07.2019 14:00
anii24.07.2019 19:14
hervas22.07.2019 11:06
disassembly11.07.2019 13:27
Blaxter10.07.2019 22:37
Kevin AmadoKevin Amado10.07.2019 21:30
winhack19.06.2019 22:10
seven06.06.2019 08:24
crash207903.06.2019 06:10
alestorm98011.05.2019 15:28
sabretooth04.05.2019 12:00